AC6200 Workstation, 32″ Workstation w/2-Speed Auto (AC6200)


The Advanced Forensic Workstation is designed for those laboratories that don ™t want to change filters between applications. With a dual filter bed, the AC6200 and AC6400 are ideal for departments who process a large volume of evidence with powder and chemicals. Simply stack a HEPA Filter with an electrostatically charged Pre-Filter attached in the bottom of the unit and place a bonded chemically absorbent Carbon Filter on top to complete the basic forensic application configuration. The AC6200 and AC6400 both have a large vertical workspace which can accommodate a microscope or a fuming stand. The units are available with the AirSafe Automatic Controller as well as a manual dual speed configuration.

Large vertical workspace
360O visibility for ease of use
Dual speed or AirSafe automatic controller to maintain airflow
Integral base constructed of polypropylene
Extremely quiet operation
No installation cost

Outside: 32 W x 42 H x 24 D (81.3cm x 106.7cm x 61cm)
Inside: 31 W x 27 H x 23 D (78.7cm x 68.9cm x 58.4cm)
Weight: 160 lbs. (72.6kg)