AC632 WORKSTATION, 32″ w/AirSafe Controller (AC632A)


The AC600 Series can be fitted with a Bonded Carbon-Activated Filter for gases or a HEPA Filter for particulate containment. The units have an integral base for containment of spillage. The AC600 Series is fitted with an automatic sensor on the lower sash which automatically changes blower speed in relation to sash position. The AirSafe Automatic Controller option allows for easy operation while monitoring airflow and filter condition.

Typical applications for these basic forensic workstations include:
Drug identification using solvents and ethers in extractions to determine drug purity.
Weighing of dangerous particulates.
Removal of dust and fumes from fingerprint powders, cyanoacrylate, iodine, Ninhydrin and DFO.
Elimination of putrid odor from decaying evidence.

All thermoplastic construction
360O visibility for ease of use
2-speed automatic operation
Extremely quiet operation
May be fitted with AirSafe Automatic Controller for automatic air flow detection and filter condition
Optional sturdy cart bolts securely to the unit for portable operation
110V or 220V operation
Provided with an integral polypropylene base which may be removed for mounting over a sink
Optional fuming box for use with cyanoacrylate
No installation cost
Unit available in 12V configuration ” operates from a cigarette lighter in vehicle or optional battery pack. Excellent for field use

Outside: 32 W x 30 H x 24 D (81.3cm x 76.2cm x 61cm)
Inside: 31 W x 20 H x 23 D (78.7cm x 50.8cm x 58.4cm)
Weight: 120 lbs. (54.4kg)