72″ (182.9cm) Workstation w/AirSafe Controller (AC6000A)


These ductless fume hood enclosures are ideal for protecting the operator from toxic gases and particulates used in routine analysis. The units protect the operator from residual cyanoacrylate and carbon-based powders used in forensic analysis. Other commonly used chemicals, such as methanol, xylene and acetone, are also contained. Identification Workstations are available in the two speed controller model or with the AirSafe Automatic Controller. The AirSafe Controller automatically monitors filter life and airflow conditions. The AirSafe Controller, not your nose, detects when to change the filters. The two-speed model offers excellent protection to the operator. The lower sash is outfitted with an electromagnetic controller that senses when the sash is lifted. When the sash is raised, the blower increases velocity to compensate for the additional opening. REQUIRED FILTERS (sold separately)

All surfaces in contact with corrosive fumes and liquids are structural polypropylene ” NO MORE RUST!
Horizontal baffles promote airflow pattern throughout hood ”NO DEAD SPOTS!
Easily cleaned to prevent cross contamination between cases and evidence
Dual speed or AirSafe Automatic Controller to maintain airflow
30-Watt integral fluorescent light
Filter condition monitored by AirSafe Controller; warns when bonded carbon and HEPA filters need changing
Face velocities exceed OSHA standards
Adequate workspace to allow for cyanoacrylate tank to be placed inside
Optional clear back panel and sides

Outside: 72 W x 56 H x 30 D
(182.9cm x 142.2cm x 76.2cm)
Inside: 71 W x 37 H x 28 D
(180.3cm x 94cm x 71.1cm)
Weight: 550 lbs. (249.5kg)