EV~CAM III w/110V AC Charger (EVC1000)


The EV~CAM III is designed for 1:1 evidential photography. Prior photographic experience is not necessary to achieve superior results in recording latent fingerprint and other physical evidence with this camera. The EV~CAM III ™s versatility is unequalled and it offers the most desired features required by a demanding science ”flexibility, reliability and simplicity.

Aperture Range: f/3.5-f/22
Shutter Type: Rotary solenoid
Flash Voltage: 270 volts typical
Charge Current/Right Pack: 110 ma typ. (fast charge) 15 ma typ. (trickle charge)
Operating Voltage: 4.8 volts
Flash Duration: 1/5000 sec. (full setting)
Recycle Time: 5-7 sec. typ. (B&W film)
Battery Charge Input: 12 volts, 500 ma min. (AC or DC)
Film Type: Polaroid pack film, color or B&W, 3.25 x 4.25 (8.2cm x 10.8cm