Digital Evidence Photo System (DEPS100)


Our most complete crime/accident scene digital recording outfit is built around a full-featured digital camera with a resolution of 7.1-megapixels and a 4X zoom lens. The camera offers many of the features you ™ll find on 35mm SLRs: aperture and shutter priority, manual and full automatic exposure, auto focus, and built-in flash with provisions for external flash. Through-thelens images are shown on a large LCD screen that permits real-time viewing of the crime scene. Rounding out the system are evidence marking tents and placard holders. The Universal Evidence Photo Stand is ideal for recording impression evidence as well as many other items of forensic interest. The MiniPod is used for close-up shots of fingerprints, tool marks and small items of evidence.

1- Digital Crime/Accident Scene Camera w/4 AA Batteries
1- UPS100 Universal Evidence Photo Stand
1- PEN15V Vinyl Crime/Accident Photo Evidence Numbers 1-15 (Tents)
1- PDN17V Vinyl Crime/Accident Photo Direction Indicators (Tents)
1- PMNM 4 x 4 (10.2cm x 10.2cm) Reversible Number Placards, Numbers 1-48
1- 7.52 (19.1cm) high Number Placard Holder
1- 13.25 (33.6cm) high Number Placard Holder
1- DEPS102 MiniPod Closeup Stand
1- PPS400 6 (15.2cm) Photo Evidence Scales (black on white) 10 ea.
1- PPS402 6 (15.2cm) Photo Evidence Scales (white on blue), 10 ea.
1- DEPS100CC Durable Molded Carrying Case w/pre-cut foam insert;
Dimensions: 28 W x 17 H x 10.5 D
(71.1cm x 43.2cm x 26.7cm);
Weight: 21.65 lbs. (9.8kg)