PRINTMATIC Ceramic Ink Pad (PFP800)


Our top-of-the-line, go anywhere fingerprint pad features a ceramic design. This extraordinary pad offers an approximate pore size of 4 microns, allowing for exceptional detail in resultant prints. One pad produces thousands of fingerprint impressions. The ink impregnated into this pad is specially formulated for use with ceramic material. The pad’s rock-hard ink surface produces prints that are indistinguishable from those taken using the slab and roller method. This stainfree ink formula produces clean, sharp, high-contrast, fast drying, non-fading impressions each and every time. Roll a finger and capillary action in the ink reservoir forces fresh ink to the surface ” not too much, not too little. PRINTMATIC Ceramic Ink Pad is supplied in our multi-mount, injection molded, copolymer polypropylene case for use practically anywhere.

Multi-Mount Injection Molded Copolymer
Polypropylene Case, black textured finish
Super smooth ceramic pad
Produces sharp, clear, permanent impressions
Ink dries on contact with card
Thousands and thousands of rolled and plain impressions

Dimensions: 6.25 x 3 x .5 (15.9cm x 7.6cm x 1.3cm)
Weight: 5 oz. (142g)