PRINTMATIC Thermoplastic Ink Pad (PFP600)


Here’s a new approach to self-contained fingerprint ink pads. This economical pad is fashioned from a new porous, thermoplastic material. The thermoplastic pad features a pore size of 10 to 20 microns allowing for a long lasting ink reservoir and literally thousands of fingerprint impressions. Capillary action within the pad instantly forces SIRCHIE®’s special formula ink to the surface. It produces rich, non-fading, high-contrast black, permanent impressions. This ink has been tested utilizing our AFISgrade fingerprint comparison software and produces excellent results. Our Thermoplastic Pads are supplied in our injection molded, copolymer polypropylene, multi-mount cases.

Multi-Mount Injection Molded Copolymer Polypropylene Case, black textured finish
Thermoplastic, micro-pore ink reservoir
Special formula non-fading, high contrast ink
Low cost, high value
Thousands of single impressions