Optional Photo Laser Smoke (aerosol can), 8 oz. (LTF100S)


Using a powerful, yet compact Class IIIa laser, the LTF100 allows the investigator to visualize a bullet ™s trajectory. The Ballistic Laser Pointer may be attached to a Penetration Rod inserted into a bullet hole, or it may be mounted on a tripod and directed into the bullet hole along the bullet ™s actual path. The LTF101 Ballistic Angle Finder is used to determine the angle of trajectory. It can be hand held or mounted on a tripod using the heavy gauge steel Universal Tripod Mount via its builtin magnetic base. The kit includes Centering Cones for use on either the Penetration or Multi-Colored Photographic Rods to permit a secure fit when rods are inserted into various sized entry and exit bullet holes. A reusable roll of Colored Trajectory String is included when longer distances are involved.