COMPHOTOFIT® + COLOR for windows (CPLS1000LE)


COMPHOTOFIT® + COLOR ¦ is a powerful computerized facial I.D. program that utilizes multiple built-in databases of PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES of facial features (black and Caucasian only) that can be viewed on screen and assembled into realistic color or grayscale composite images.

This program is designed for use by those with a limited skill level who don’t require all the specialized options of COMPHOTOFIT® +COLOR II. Features can be positioned, sized, moved, copied and modified. Change individual features or the entire image. Adjust skin tones or age an image. Remove a black eye or add accessories such as glasses and hats.

Print high-resolution composites on a Windows®-supported printer (color or grayscale), fax them or export them for use in popular graphics/paint programs.

This program makes a great teaching tool and is used by colleges and in other law enforcement training courses.

Hundreds of Black and Caucasian male and female components (facial features) supplied
Utilizes photographic images (not clay blobs)
Offers maximum portability ”install on laptop computers for use at locations other than the office, such as crime scenes and hospitals
Create 24-bit color or grayscale images
Paint tools allow you to alter images in a variety of ways ”from adjusting skin tone to adding wrinkles and scars
Forty-six (46) brushes and a brush-bristle density option allow you to create interesting special effects, such as beard stubble
Magnify the image up to 20X for maximum detail
Export images as TGA, TIFF, BMP or PCX for use with fax, paint, graphics or word processing programs
Import images using Twain-compliant software ” acquire images from digital cameras, as well as flatbed and film scanners

PROCESSOR: Intel® Pentium® or compatible
VIDEO DISPLAY: SVGA monitor; SVGA card capable of 64K colors at 1024 x 768 screen resolution
OPERATING SYS.: Windows® 98 or later
MOUSE: Microsoft® mouse or compatible
PRINTER: Any Windows® supported graphics printer