Photo I.D. Foil Composite System Kit w/3-year lease (PIK1003YL)


The PIK100 Photo I.D. Foil Composite System is a portable, reasonably priced, international facial identification system. The individual facial components (acetate sheets of 0.005 thickness) are selected from photographs rather than drawings, allowing the investigator to construct the best possible likeness. PIK100 has 915 component foils in 13 different categories, including hair, eyes, noses, lips, chins, head ware, skin tones, eyebrows, age lines, moustaches, beards and glasses. Hair, eyes, noses, mouths and chins are supplied in both Afro and Caucasian and selection of Oriental eyes completes the set. The kit includes a sturdy carrying case with dividers, assembly frames to hold foils in place while composites are assembled, a witness interview pad, a plotting grid, a reference guide and complete instructions.