BLUEMAXX Evidence Viewer, 220V (BMV100220)

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This self-contained device incorporates a wide field 2.5X magnifier and two built-in light sources ”white for examining objects under normal lighting and a BLUEMAXX light for viewing fluorescent materials. Its lightweight, compact design permits freedom of movement, and the magnification reduces eyestrain as objects are examined.

Developed latent prints on a multi-colored or confusing background have often plagued latent print examiners when photographs are taken. With BLUEMAXX illumination, much of the background is dropped out of photographs as seen with the latent print recorded on this potato chip bag. The resultant photograph (top right) was taken under subdued light ”not total darkness ” and the latent print literally jumps off the surface.

Examine many objects of forensic interest with the BMV100. The BLUEMAXX LED produces a light frequency of approximately 455nm making it useful for examining physiological fluids and latent prints developed with fluorescent powders and chemicals such as Basic Yellow and Ardrox.

Fashioned from brushed nickeloid and tough, opaque acrylic, the BMV100 reduces eyestrain with its large four (4) inch magnifying lens. Lighting is provided by 1-watt LEDs and a built-in diffusion lens softens the light ”making it an ideal light source for photography. The white light and BLUEMAXX light (455nm) are individually controlled and a power supply for 110V AC operation is included. The LEDs have a +50,000 hour life expectancy. A 220V version of this viewer is also available.

1- BMV Stand
1- AC Adapter
1- Orange Barrier Filter