megaMAXX Assistant w/3 Barrier Filters (MMX200)


The device, with its 2.5X magnifying lens and interchangeable barrier filters (yellow, red and orange), permits close-up examination of a variety of items of forensic interest. Simply place the unit over the item or area of interest, engage any one of the seven megaMAXX visible lights (sold separately), depending upon the required frequency, into the rear holder Complete your megaMAXX outfit with this forensic viewer! and insert the appropriate barrier filter into the front slot. Items of forensic interest that can be successfully detected, examined, and compared with this megaMAXX combination (MMX100 with MMX200) include: Physiological Fluids (urine, semen and saliva) Trace Evidence (hair, fibers, dust prints, etc.) Blood and Palmar Oils (enhanced with fluorescent powder, dyes, DFO, and luminol) Cyanoacrylate Prints stained with Rhodamine 6G Resultant photographs can be facilitated by placing your camera directly over the 4 (10.2cm) dia. magnifier to take incredibly clear and detailed photographs. No barrier filters are required on the camera since they are contained in the unit itself.

1- MMX Assistant Stand 3- Barrier Filters: Yellow, Red, and Orange