B&W Forensic Video Magnifier, 110V (FX9)


Designed to reduce the tedium of spending countless hours peering through a magnifier, the FX9 Forensic Video Magnifier eliminates eye fatigue by bringing the evidence up to a comfortable viewing level. With 4X black & white video magnification, other small evidential items, besides fingerprints, can be discerned with ease when displayed on the 4 (10.2cm) LCD monitor. Other state-of-the-art features of the FX9 include fully adjustable white LED (Light Emitting Diode) illumination and the unit’s compact size ā€¯occupies less than .5 sq. ft. of tabletop space. Simplified controls (shown right) permit ease of operation: DIMMER regulates the light output from the built-in high power dual LEDs. Should the need arise, the lens can be fine-focused with the focus ring and depth-of-field can be adjusted with the aperture control. On the back of the unit, the Video Out Jack permits connection to video monitors, recorders or computers equipped with video capture capability.