Master Shake-N-Cast Impression Kit (SNC100)


This kit includes five pre-measured pouches of Shake-N-Cast casting material containing the correct amount of proprietary gypsum* and water in a self-contained packet. One pouch will cast an adult size footprint up to 15 (38.1cm) long. Merely press down on the pouch to break the water packet, shake for 30 seconds, knead the pouch for 1-2 minutes, and then pour into the impression. The kit contains 2 cans of our Aerosol Dust & Dirt Hardener for preparing impressions in loose or sandy soil, as well as Silicone Release Agent to simplify cast removal and cleanup. Two cans of Snow Impression Wax are included for casting in ice or snow. The 2 casting frames are easily sized ”one for footprints and one for tire tracks.

5- SNC42 Shake-N-Cast Impression Kits, Net Wt. 42 oz. (1191.7g)
1- FCF100 Adjustable Casting Frame, 7.25 x 12 -18 (18.4cm x 30.5cm-45.7cm)
1- FCF200 Adjustable Casting Frame, 12 x 18 -24 (30.5cm x 45.7cm-61cm)
2- 638CA Aerosol Dust & Dirt Hardener, Net Wt. 15 oz. (425g)
2- SP1000 Snow Impression Wax, Net Wt. 15 oz. (425g)
1- SRA10 Aerosol Silicone Rubber Release Agent, 4.5 oz. (133ml)
1- KCP142 Steel Spoon
1- ESP30W Photo Scales, 10 pk.
1- 608E1 Evidence Tags w/ties, 100 pk.
1- Technical Instructions
1- SNC100CC Heavy Duty, Molded Carrying Case; Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 7.375
(43.2cm x 33cm x 18.7cm);
Weight: 26.2 lbs. (11.9kg)