No. 1 Silicone Casting Kit (SRK700)


This economical, space-saving kit is the perfect choice for casting small crime scene impressions such as single footprints, tool marks, and bite marks. The liquid silicone medium can also be used for lifting powder-developed latent fingerprints from rough or textured surfaces. It’s easy to prepare and apply.

1- 634C Liquid Silicone Rubber, 1 lb. (454g)
1- TM1 Vials of Catalyst
1- SRA10A Silicone Rubber Release Agent Pump Spray, 4 oz. (120ml)
1- KCP199 Steel Spoon
1- KCP198 Plastic Mixing Container, 1 qt. (946ml)
1- KCP155 Spatula, 7 (17.8cm), Steel Blade