EZID Stainfree Footwear Impression system (EZID400)


Up until now the choices for recording actual shoe print evidence to compare against lifted impressions have been limited. Two of the more popular methods involved rolling fingerprint ink on the sole of the shoe and transferring it to paper or applying black fingerprint powder to the sole, and then transferring it to an adhesive-coated surface. Both methods create quite a mess both before taking the impression and cleaning-up afterward. After months of research, development and testing a completely formulation, we are proud to introduce the EZID Stainfree Footwear System ”a system that produces quality impressions without the messy clean-up! The EZID system consists of a pre-impregnated stainfree pad and presensitized impression cards. More than 200 footwear impressions can be taken from a single EZID stainfree pad. And since no ink is visible on the surface it is applied to, no cleanup is necessary. Plus, the reverse side of the impression cards are printed with an impression evidence report for recording all pertinent information. The EZID400 kit is the ideal tool for use in the crime laboratory, at the crime scene and is excellent for elimination of prints at crime scenes! It is simple to use and can record even the smallest details of wear and tear found on footwear. The most outstanding feature is that there is no messy cleanup after impressions are taken.