RESTOR-A-GEL® Number Restoration Kit (RAG500)


This is a complete kit containing the necessary reagents to restore serial numbers and other identifying characteristics that have been destroyed ”leaving no visible tracks. Obliterated marks on ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be restored to visibility with RESTOR-A-GEL® compounds.

1- ACN2 Acid Neutralizer, 2 oz. (59ml)
6- KCP163 Emory Papers, 2 x 3 (5.1cm x 7.6cm)
1- KCP168 File, Bastard
1- KCP207 Vial, Amber, w/Snap-On Cap, 30 dram
6- KCP209 Stirrers, Wood
15- KCP217 Cotton Balls
2- RAG1001 RESTOR-A-GEL® for Steel, 1 oz. (30ml)
2- RAG2001 RESTOR-A-GEL® for Aluminum, 1 oz. (30ml)
2- RAG3001 RESTOR-A-GEL® for Copper, 1 oz. (30ml)
1- RAG5003 Metal Surfacing Solution, 2 oz. (59ml)
1- RAG5004 Aluminum Surfacing Solution, 2 oz. (59ml)
1- SF00771 Latex Powered Glove Pair, Ambidextrous, .005 (5 mil) Thick, Large
1- RAG5001 Molded Copolymer Case w/Molded Plastic Inserts
Dimensions: 12.125 x 7.25 x 4.5 (30.8cm x 18.4cm x 11.4cm)
Weight: 3.25 lbs. (1.5kg)