Indented Writing Restoration Kit (IRS1001)


Whenever writing is made on a leaf or sheet of a pad or book, not only is the top sheet affected, but the under sheets also receive impressions from which it is possible to determine the text of the original writing. These impressions are called indented writing and it is possible to develop these latent impressions with the reagents furnished with this kit. Individual application vials for the reagents provide unlimited storage life.

12- 288FP1 Contact Filter Papers, 1 x 2 (2.5cm x 5.1cm)
1- IRS100 Indentation Removal Solution, 1 oz. (39ml)
6- ISS3 Indentation Solutions, Strong
6- ISW1 Indentation Solution, Weak
6- KCP210 Swabs
12- KCP193 Brush, Applicator 3.25 (8.2cm)
1- IRS10011 Carrying Case, Molded Polypropylene w/Molded Plastic Inserts
Dimensions: 8.625 x 4.5 x 1.75 (21.9cm x 11.4cm x 4.4cm)
Weight: 1.28 oz. (36g)