Luminol Blood Reagent w/ Spray Head, 8oz/2pk (LUMINOL8)


Luminol is a chemiluminescent substance that can be used as a presumptive test for the presence of blood. Making use of the peroxidase-like activity of the heme portion of hemoglobin, Luminol produces a BLUISH-WHITE light that can be viewed in total darkness. Invisible blood stains react with the Luminol reagent by luminescing ”darkness is essential. Patterns may be recorded with photography or videotaping with the SIRCHIE® KRIMESITE IMAGER. Luminol is extremely sensitive (1:1,000,000), reacting to minute traces of blood. It is a very useful test for searching large areas for blood, especially if the area has supposedly been cleaned.

2- LUMINOL8B Bottles of Solution, 8 oz. (237ml) ea.
2- LUMINOL8A Packets of dry chemicals, Net .Wt. 12.5g ea.
1- Spray Head Attachment