Leucomalachite Blood Test Belt Kit (LEUCO200)


SEARCH® Belt Kits Here ™s a convenient alternative to the larger carrying case kits. SEARCH® Belt Kits have been configured to carry the supplies necessary for everything from developing latent prints, blood and drug testing, to evidence and DNA collection. Attach it to your belt to keep it close at hand or grab one when you ™re on the go. Case is available, sold separately (No. KCP306), so you can customize your own belt kit.

This belt kit keeps leucomalachite ampoules handy for blood testing. Includes supplies needed for 3 tests.

3- 288LM1 Leucomalachite Ampoule 1
3- 288LM2 Leucomalachite Ampoule 2
1- 288FP Contact Filter Papers, 1 x 2 (2.5cm x 5.1cm), 25 ea.
3- 288DP Pipettes, Disposable w/capillary, 3ml bulb
3- KCP247 Sterile Water, 3ml
1- LEUCO200C Molded Plastic Belt Style Case w/foam insert
Dimensions: 2.25 x 4.25 x 4 (5.7cm x 10.8cm x 10.2cm)