COMPHOTOFIT® + COLOR II Extra Site License (CCPLS3000XL)


COMPHOTOFIT® + COLOR II ¦ is a powerful computerized facial I.D. program that utilizes a built-in database containing PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES of facial features that are taken from REAL PEOPLE to create startling realistic color composites.

Each database features hundreds of facial components ”offering an unlimited number of possible combinations. Features can be positioned, sized, moved, copied and modified. Change individual features or the entire image. Adjust skin tones or age an image. Add accessories, such as glasses, hats, moustaches and beards. Use features from our expansive database or create your own using the capture option.

Print color composites on any Windows®-supported graphics printer (color or grayscale), fax, email, or export them for use in popular graphics/paint programs.

COMPHOTOFIT® systems are currently being used in 47 states in the US and in 24 countries. Over one thousand law enforcement agencies worldwide use COMPHOTOFIT® because it is so effective in creating suspect composites from witness descriptions. The program is also being used as an educational tool in many criminal justice and law enforcement training courses.

Create 24-bit color or grayscale images.
Easily installed on most laptops with Windows® for maximum portability.
Utilizes actual photographic components.
Hundreds of Black, Caucasian, male and female features included.
Use paint tools to alter images, adjust skin tones and add wrinkles or scars.
Vary brush size, strength and density. Create special effects like beard stubble, scars, black eyes and more!

PROCESSOR: Intel® Pentium® II or compatible, 333 MHz or greater
VIDEO DISPLAY: SVGA monitor; SVGA card capable of 64K colors at 1024 x 768 screen resolution
OPERATING SYS.: Windows® 98, NT 4, ME, 2000 or XP
PRINTER: Any Windows® supported graphics printer