BLUEMAXX Digital Latent Evidence Photo System (BML100)


At the core of the BML100A Digital Latent Evidence Photo System is a 7.1-megapixel digital camera that uses internal memory storage. The digital camera also features the provision for use with a memory card (not provided) and is capable of recording short video/audio segments if required. The camera features a builtin flash with fully-automatic or manual exposure, as well as a macro setting, giving the camera the kind of flexibility needed to complete BLUEMAXX photography as well as crime scene photography. The kit includes the BM300 Forensic Light Source along with an expanded inventory of fingerprint developing tools and agents. A practical assortment of regular fluorescent fingerprint powder and dusting tools are also provided.

1- 7.1-megapixel Digital Camera
1- Video/Audio Connection Cable
1- USB Connection Cable
4- AA Alkaline Batteries
1- BM300 BLUEMAXX Forensic Light Source and 3 Alkaline D-Cells
1- DEPS102 MiniPod w/removable Barrier Filter
1- BMS300 BLUEMAXX Barrier Goggles w/Case
1- B9896-1 Barrier Filter, 58mm
1- BML103 Fluorescent Latent Fingerprint Kit containing:
1- LL701 REDESCENT Latent Print Powder, 2 oz. (59ml)
1- LL703 GREENESCENT Latent Print Powder, 2 oz.(59ml)
1- LL704 Silver/REDESCENT Latent Print Powder, 2 oz. (59ml)
3- 122L1 Fiberglass Brush, Kit Type
1- 131LB Black Hinge Lifters, 2 x 4 (5.1cm x 10.2cm), 12 ea.
1- 131LW White Hinge Lifters, 2 x 4 (5.1cm x 10.2cm), 12 ea.
1- MR30FO Fluorescent Scales, Orange,
6 (15.2cm), 10-pack
1- Technical Information
1- Digital Still Camera Operator ™s Manual w/Software
1- Rugged Black Plastic Copolymer Carrying Case w/Custom Foam Insert;
Dimensions: 21 x 17 x 10.5
(53.3cm x 43.2cm x 26.7cm)
Weight: 15.94 lbs. (7.2kg)