BLUEMAXX Rechargeable Forensic Light, 220V (BM500220)


The BM500 features a halogen lamp and a high-capacity battery. The light is supplied complete with matched barrier and excitation filters. It is ideal for fluorescent photography and investigation. A 110V or 220V charging unit is included. (Approx. 1-1/2 hrs. operation off full charge.)

1- BM520 Rechargeable Flashlight
1- BM521 Halogen Bulb
1- BM522 Charger Cradle
1- BM523 Converter, 110V (BM500 only) 1- BM523220 Converter, 220V
(BM500220 only)
1- BM525 NiCad Battery Pack
1- BMS100R Barrier Filter
1- BMF100R Excitation Filter