GoldPanther Forensic Light Source Kit, 110V (FAL2000)


FAL2000.png Ideal for Physical or Trace Evidence Searches Physical and trace evidence are the backbone of criminal investigations, and many prosecutors are reluctant to file formal charges without them. If the perpetrator has left some form of evidence behind that can prove his or her presence at the crime scene, the GoldPanther is the tool you need!

Compact and Self-Contained
The GoldPanther is fully portable (no interconnecting cables or shoulder packs) offering unlimited movement around the crime scene. It can be hand-held in two different positions or mounted on a tripod (included). Battery operation allows you to search a multitude of surfaces in the tightest situations ā€¯especially when searching for microparticle, physiological, or latent print evidence. Simple to Use A colored instructional placard is mounted on the left-hand side of the unit (as shown above) for quick reference on the proper filter and goggle selection required, depending on the type of evidence.

High-Intensity Xenon Lamp
The Xenon lamp in the GoldPanther produces an intense beam of light that approximates sunlight. This high-intensity white light is ideal for hair, fibers (as shown at right), footwear evidence, and more.

1- FAL200 Lamp Assembly with High-Intensity Xenon lamp
2- PA6GF30 NiCad 14.4V DC Rechargeable Batteries
1- FAL201F Sliding Filter Array (365nm, 415nm, 450nm, white)
1- FAL202F Sliding Filter Array (470nm, 505nm, 530nm, white)
4- Barrier Filter Goggles (Yellow, Orange, Red, Clear-UV)
3- 49mm Camera Lens Barrier Filters (Orange, Red, Yellow)
3- 52mm Camera Lens Barrier Filters (Orange, Red, Yellow)
1- CGA6GF30 Battery Charger
1- Professional Duty Tripod
1- Durable Molded Carrying
Case w/precut foam insert;

Dimensions: 28 W x 17 H x 10.5 D
(71.1cm x 43.2cm x 26.7cm);
Weight: 22.2 lbs. (10kg)